Welcome To Call4FREE

Make FREE calls to over 100+ countries from your Mobile or Landline. All you need is to ensure you have inclusive calls to 0870  numbers.

NO account to open,
NO credit card needed
NO extra charges,
NO extra bill to pay

It’s completely FREE!!

How To Make A Call

The only requirement is that 0870 calls must be included in your call plan. It’s that simple! See How it works for more detail

To make a FREE call just follow these simple steps:

1. Dial 0870 498 2222

0870 498 5050  |   0870 498 1212  |  0870 498 1111

2. At the voice prompt, dial the full international number, including country code.

Talk and enjoy!​

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For more details click on your operator name

Easy Dialling

Do you want to call anyone from your phone book in 1 easy go?
Simply save the destination number in your phone book as follows:
Call4free Access number ,, your destination number with full country code (example –  08704985050,,00921234567890). And give a name for this phone book entry (e.g. Mum)

When you need to call your Mum just find ‘Mum’ from phone book and dial. Simple 1 touch dial!