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How to Make Free International Calls

If you’re a foreign national living in the United Kingdom, you have probably spent a significant amount of money calling your family and friends back home.

Whether you’ve used calling cards or simply paid through your mobile phone or landline provider, the cost of calling outside of the UK can soon add up, but there is a solution — and it’s completely free.

Think it sounds too good to be true? In this blog post we’ll explain exactly how to make free international calls.

Are 0870 numbers included in your plan?

If your mobile or landline operator offers inclusive 0870 calls within your plan then, with Call4FREE, you can call over 100 worldwide destinations for free.

Simply request the access number, dial it via your mobile or landline and, at the voice prompt, enter the full international number (including the country code). It’s that easy!

How Call4FREE can offer free international calls

We are able to provide the free calling service because we recover our costs from the operators.

When you buy a call plan with inclusive 0870 calls your operator has already factored in the cost. Therefore, whether you use the inclusive 0870 minutes or not, you already paid for it when you subscribed to the calling plan. Our free calling service makes use of those inclusive 0870 minutes, and this is how we are able to offer free calls to over 100 countries.

Discounted calls available to over 25 countries

If we don’t currently provide our service to the country you wish to call, we may be able to offer you discounted calls instead. Check out the full list of countries we offer low cost calls to, including the United Arab Emirates, Albania and Kenya.

First-class customer service

Our company has been established for 20 years and we pride ourselves on providing a quality service. So, although it’s a free calling service for our customers, we take great care to ensure we provide quality calls to the countries we cover.

Unsure if you qualify for free international calls? Get in touch with our friendly and experienced customer service team here at Call4FREE and we’ll help you with any query you may have.