Discount Calls

If you have 0870 included in your call plan, but your destination is not covered in our list of free countries, you can still make cheap calls.

How It Works

It’s simple to use Discount Calls service. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for discount calls
  2. Dial the access number provided

To sign up contact customer service using any of the following methods:

  • Call customer service on 020 7185 1111
  • Complete the Contact Us form on the website
  • Use Live Chat on our website

The table below shows all the destinations we currently offer.

Country Discount rate/min
Albania 8p
Afghanistan 8p
 Jordan  2p
 Grenada  1p
Ghana 15p
Guatemala Mobile 1p
Iran 5p
Iraq 7p
Jamaica 8p
Kenya 5p
Lithuania Mobile 24p
Togo 22p
Moldova 20p
Morocco Mobile 31p
Mozambique 16p
 Myanmar  10p
Oman 12p
Palestine 6p
Qatar 4p
Somalia-Hormud 8p
 Austria 5p
Uganda 22p
Sudan 2p
Tanzania 16p
Srilanka 03p
Uganda 16p

*Prices are subject to change