Make free calls from Landline or Mobile.

Landline Offers

For those who have 0870 inclusive in call plan

How it works?

1. Please ensure you have 0870 call plan with your landline package
2. We will provide an 0870 access number to use your 1000 minutes
3. Contact us when you finish your 1000 mins for bonus £10.

How to make a call?

To get your access number please fill in Contact Us form and state “Landline 1000 MIN” in the subject field. We will reply with full details and the access number or call us on 02071851111

Vodafone Offer

500 international minutes for only £2.50

How it works?

1. Activate NONGEO for 300 mins inclusive to 0870 numbers*
2. We will provide 0870 access number to use first 300 mins
3. Contact us when you finish first 300 mins
4. We will give 200 mins bonus with different access number

*Buy NONGEO bundle simply by texting NONGEO to 97886 (£2.50 is payable to Vodafone)

** This offer is for selected countries only

TalkTalk Landline Offers

How it works?

To make FREE calls just follow these simple steps:
1. Dial 07452315353 (If it not work call customer service: 02071851111)
2. At the voice prompt, dial the full international number, including country code

Note: If you are using the service for the first time we advise you to make a short test call and check your bill to ensure you have not been charged.

Countries covered for making FREE calls