Mary    March 18, 2017   March 2017, Devon   

So pleased to have found call4free. No more worries about expensive international calls. Thanks to this service I now have the freedom to keep in touch with family and friends abroad on a regular basis as these calls are free. Thank you.

Azeem Khan    March 19, 2017   West Yorkshire   

Zabardast fantastic service always clear sound when I call Pakistan and no interruption.
Thanks Call4Free

Mustaque    August 3, 2017   London   

Great service, saving loads of money on International calls, and its bringing my family and business closer...

Geeta    December 15, 2017   West Midlands   

Call 4 Free!!!!!!!!!
It really is a free call if you have 0870 numbers free inclusive in your phone package.
I call India regularly and I can say it really is worth it as previously I used Lycatalk & calling cards which costs money!!
I have been using Call4Free for about 3 months now and I totally recommend it for anyone who calls any international numbers on a regular basis.
"Try it once and you'll recommend it on, just like I have been,
Ditch the calling cards & start using Call4Free.''

Wendy Pfeiffer    February 10, 2018   Kent   

''Call4free is an absolute tip top service.At first i was being a little bit of sceptical of how reasonable the charges currently are to call a mobile in South Afrika.The price of 4p per minute is amazing in comparison to all other companies i have researched,The only thing is you must make sure that 0870 are inclusive in your LandLine package. I called call4free and spoke to the customer service manager.What a lovely gentlemen,he was really helpfull, friendly and was happy to listen to me how i was trying to contact my daughter in South Afrika.They credited me a free top up bonus of £1 for me to make a test call and check if it was free or not..They said they would call me the following day to ensure i was happy.The Great news was it worked and the sound was so clear,As promised I got a call from the customer service manager to see if i managed to speak to my daughter.
Call4free was helpful as they had been the previous day.I can't recommend call4free enough. A Really good value and exemplary customer service which is so rare these days to find anymore.''

Thank You so much

Jose'    March 19, 2017   London, UK   

I have been making calls for free using this website for a few months and it really has helped me to be in touch with family abroad. I upgraded my calling plan to include 0870 in order to receive the free calls to international countries and it works! I would recommend the service to anyone who likes calling abroad often, you sure save MUCH money!

Abies.    December 9, 2017   Watford   

I have been using Call4free to make free calls to Nigeria for months now and I can confirm that it is indeed FREE as long as your phone package allows you to make 0870 calls for free.
I use to buy call vouchers that cost me nothing less than £30 every months but not anymore. I have saved myself a lot of Money and I still get to call my friends and family for as long as I want. It's a win win situation people. Make use of it.

Shao    March 11, 2017   London   

I make international calls regularly. Call4free always provides excellent service. It is simple, quick and good sound quality for land phones and mobiles from both ends.

Mohammed Rashid    September 8, 2016   London    Website   

Call4free is fantastic and let's me keep in touch with family and friends for free! Keep up the good work

Zubair    September 26, 2016   Essex   

''Brilliant service and easy to use.
It's great..! I'm lovin it....!''

Nahida Sultana    March 22, 2020   London   

Very good call quality and Amazing customer service !!!

Mr Khan    December 30, 2016   Bow, london   

Wow....!!! Amazing service and 100% free international calls...happy to use this service.. Mr Khan, Bow, London

Sands    January 13, 2018   England   

I was pretty sceptical when I first of all found this site. On trying to call New Zealand I was at first unable to get through, however, on phoning the help line I was helped by the cust serv manager, a very helpful gentleman who checked something his end and then asked me to try again. He said he would phone back to make sure I was ok. On trying again I was pretty amazed to have got through to New Zealand and checked my bill to see that the call was indeed free! After about 30 minutes the gentleman phoned me back to make sure everything was ok. What a great and brilliant service, it doesn’t get better than this. Thank you call4free.

Ruby    September 21, 2016   London   

At first I thought it was too good to be true. I made a few test calls and checked my bill to be sure. It's absolutely free!