Free International Calls from UK Using Inclusive Minutes

Make free calls to over 100+ countries from the UK using your Landline or Mobile. No registration. No hidden fees. Just seamless connections!

How Does It Work?


Dial Any of Our 0870 Numbers

Dial any of the following numbers: 0870 498 2222, 0870 498 5050, 0870 498 1212, 0870 498 1111


Enter Your Destination Number

At the voice prompt, dial 00 followed by the full international number including the country code (00+country code + destination number)


Let the Conversations Begin!

You’ve reached your loved ones – let the conversations begin!

Enjoy 1000 Minutes of Free International Calls and Get up to £30* Cashback

Most landline providers and a few mobile operators in the United Kingdom offer inclusive minutes to 0870 numbers. You can make international calls by dialing 0870 numbers from your landline or mobile. By using our dedicated 0870 numbers, you become eligible for cashback of up to £30. The exact amount depends on your usage.

If you don’t have inclusive minutes in your plan, you may need to upgrade your plan or you may change your provider to BT, PlusNet, or Shall Energy with any time call plan and inclusive 0870 minutes.

If you are not interested in the landline offer you can order a SIM from us to make international* calls.

Landline and Mobile Providers with Inclusive 0870 Calls

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Post Office

Landline and Mobile Providers with Inclusive 0870 Calls

Landline Providers

Mobile Operators

Why Choose Us?

Excellent Quality

Quality is our first priority. Experience crystal-clear conversations with our top-notch call quality.

No Registration Required

Skip the hassle of lengthy sign-ups. Our service is ready to use the moment you need it.

No internet required

With our service, you can make international calls without relying on an internet connection.

Key Highlights

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100+ International Destinations Including Asia and Africa

Connect globally with ease. Make international calls to over 100 countries across the globe. From reconnecting with family and friends to staying in touch with business partners, our extensive list of international call destinations ensures you’re never far away from the ones that matter most.

From Landline to Mobile, We’ve Got You Covered!

Experience flexibility like never before. You can experience the service of Call4free using both your landline and mobile device.

Our service is tailored to suit your communication needs, whether you’re dialing from a landline or using your on-the-go mobile device. Embrace convenience and stay in touch, no matter how you choose to reach out. Your conversations, your way.


No, there's no need to download any app. Our service is accessible directly through dialing the provided access numbers, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Absolutely. Our service allows you to make international calls without the requirement of Wi-Fi or any other type of internet connection.

Yes, you can make free international calls from your mobile phone using our service. Just dial the provided access numbers and follow the instructions to connect.

Yes, you can make free calls to various Asian countries using our service.

Yes, Call4free is committed to complying with all relevant regulations, including those set by OFCOM. We aim to provide a reliable and legally compliant service.

You can enjoy free international calls using your landline when you have inclusive minutes in your package. If you want to make calls using your mobile, subscribe to our SIM only plans.