Free International Calls from UK to the US

Make free international calls from your landline or mobile. Enjoy the simplicity of connecting to the United States from the UK with Call4Free without needing an internet connection or registration.

How Does It Work?


Dial Any of Our 0870 Numbers

Dial any of the following numbers: 0870 498 2222, 0870 498 5050, 0870 498 1212, 0870 498 1111


Enter Your Destination Number

At the voice prompt, dial 00 followed by the US number including the country code (00 +(+)1+ your destination number)


Let the Conversations Begin!

You’ve reached your loved ones – let the conversations begin!

US girl calling to her loved ones in the UK

We Bridge the Gap Between the UK and the US

Our free international calling service seamlessly bridges the communication gap between the UK and the US. You are able to connect effortlessly across all six time zones and all 50 states in the United States, from vibrant New York City to bustling Los Angeles and dynamic Chicago, among other destinations.

Expats can stay connected with loved ones without worrying about exorbitant international call fees. Business travelers can conduct essential discussions with ease. Students can maintain connections with their support networks, helping them be connected and reassured during their educational experiences. Tourists exploring the US can stay effortlessly in touch with family and friends back home, making their travels even more enjoyable.

UK Landline and Mobile Providers with Inclusive 0870 Calls

Most landline providers and a few mobile operators in the United Kingdom offer inclusive 1000 minutes as part of their call plans for 0870 calls. If you have inclusive 0870 calls in your package, your next step is very easy: simply dial Call4free’s access number before dialing your destination number.

Note that not all plans may include these inclusive minutes. Verify your plan details or contact your service provider for international call options and potential charges beyond the inclusive minutes. Utilizing these minutes can notably reduce the expense of calling to the United States. If you don’t have inclusive minutes in your landline or mobile package, you can take advantage of our cheap international calling service.

Some popular Landline and Mobile Providers with Inclusive 0870 Calls from the UK are:

BT Landline


EE Limited

Post Office UK Logo

Post Office

Supported US Landline and Mobile Networks:

We are proud to support free calls to all major United States mobile network providers, including:

  • Verizon Wireless
  • T-Mobile US
  • AT&T Mobility
  • Dish Wireless
  • US Cellular

Additionally, we offer free calls to major landline service providers, such as:

  • Vonage
  • Community Phone
  • Spectrum by Charter
  • Frontier
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Ready to Connect with the US?

Start making free international calls to the United States now and stay in touch with your contacts, no matter where they are in the country. Enjoy the convenience and affordability of Call4Free’s services.

Important Information:

  • Ensure you have a tariff or bundle with your existing provider that has inclusive 0870 calls.
  • All 0870 call access numbers are free to call using inclusive minutes. Major UK landline and mobile providers offer inclusive calls as part of monthly bundles.
  • Calls made outside of these tariffs will be charged at 7p per minute plus your operator’s access charge.