How Much Do 0870 Numbers Cost to Call in the UK

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If you want to manage your calling costs effectively, it’s crucial to properly comprehend the costs associated with phone calls. 

One confusing thing is the cost of calling 0870 numbers in the UK. These numbers serve diverse purposes but can come with varying call charges, depending on your service provider. 

In this guide, I’ll guide you into the world of 0870 numbers, discussing its uses, and calling costs, especially from leading mobile and landline providers in the UK.

Additionally, I’ll introduce you to an innovative service, Call4Free, which empowers you to make free international calls using 0870 numbers.

So, let’s get started! 

Understanding 0870 Numbers and Popular Uses

What Are 0870 Numbers?

To comprehend the costs associated with 0870 numbers, it’s essential to understand what these numbers are and why they are used. 0870 numbers are non-geographic numbers widely employed by businesses, government agencies, and organizations for various purposes. 

They provide a convenient means for customers to contact entities without being restricted to a specific geographical location. These numbers are incredibly versatile and are used in several contexts.

Common Use Cases for 0870 Numbers

Let’s explore some common scenarios where you might encounter and use 0870 numbers:

Global Connectivity

0870 numbers are inherently non-geographical, meaning they are not tied to a specific location. This feature allows you to connect with friends, family, and colleagues worldwide without any geographical restrictions.

 Whether you’re reaching out to loved ones or conducting international business, 0870 numbers offer a convenient and reliable way to facilitate global communication, thanks to their non-geographical nature.

Customer Support Lines 

Many businesses use 0870 numbers for their customer support lines. This enables customers to get assistance, ask questions, or resolve issues conveniently.


Government agencies, charities, and organizations that provide assistance often use 0870 numbers for their helplines. This ensures that people can access crucial information and support services with ease.

Booking Services 

Whether it’s booking tickets, making reservations, or scheduling appointments, 0870 numbers are often used for these purposes.

Information Hotlines 

Organizations that provide information services, such as weather updates, travel advisories, or market information, may use 0870 numbers to disseminate information.

Now that we have a solid understanding of 0870 numbers and their uses, let’s dive into the critical topic of call costs associated with these numbers.

0870 Number Call Costs: Demystifying the Pricing

First of all, the calling cost of 0870 numbers primarily depends on your service provider, whether it’s a cell phone or a landline. Overall pricing consists of two key aspects: the Access Charge and the Service Charge. 

Cost Components: Breaking Down the Charges

Before diving into specific provider rates, let’s break down the charges associated with calling 0870 numbers:

Access Charge: This is the portion of the cost that goes to your phone service provider. It covers the cost of connecting the call.

Service Charge: The Service Charge is the portion of the cost that goes to the organization or business that owns the 0870 number. The entity providing the service sets this charge.

Now, let’s explore the costs of calling 0870 numbers from popular mobile and landline providers in the UK.

Cost of Calling 0870 Numbers from Popular Mobile Providers in the UK

EE: What You Pay to Connect

EE(Everything Everywhere), one of the largest cellular providers in the UK. You can expect around 50p and 65p per minute for calls to 0870 numbers with EE. 

To get an accurate ceiling rate, it’s recommended to check the particular EE plan you’re currently using, as charges differ based on your plan.

O2: Understanding O2’s 0870 Charges

O2’s charges for calling 0870 numbers are similar to EE, ranging from 55p to 65p per minute. Nevertheless, the exact pricing may vary according to your O2 contract plan or pay-as-you-go plan.

Vodafone: Navigating Vodafone’s Rates

Vodafone’s call charges for 0870 numbers usually fall within the 55p to 65p per minute range, but, like the others, the exact cost depends on your Vodafone plan.

Three: A Closer Look at Three’s Pricing

Three offers competitive pricing for 0870 numbers, with rates typically ranging from 45p to 55p per minute.

Landline Provider Rates: What It Costs to Dial 0870 Numbers from Your Landline

BT: British Telecom’s Charges

BT, often known as British Telecom, charges around 20p per minute (including the Access Charge and the Service Charge) for calls to 0870 numbers from landlines.

Virgin Media: Virgin Media’s Landline Costs

Virgin Media’s pricing for calling 0870 numbers from landlines is also approximately 20p per minute.

TalkTalk: TalkTalk’s Landline Pricing

TalkTalk follows a similar pricing structure, with calls to 0870 numbers costing around 20p per minute from their landlines.

Unlocking Cost-Efficiency: Free 0870 International Calls from the UK

International calling expenses can quickly add up. This is where the innovative service, Call4Free, steps in. Call4Free provides a unique and cost-effective solution for making international calls using 0870 numbers, and best of all, it’s free!

Introducing Call4Free: Revolutionizing International Calling

Call4Free is a service that offers an ingenious way to make international calls from the UK without incurring exorbitant charges. 

It leverages the affordability of calling 0870 numbers and uses this to provide free international calls to over 100 countries. 

This service is particularly advantageous for individuals who have friends, family, or business contacts overseas.

How Call4Free Works: Making International Calls with 0870 Numbers

Let’s explore the straightforward process of making free international calls with Call4Free:

Check Your Package 

Ensure you have 0870 calls included in your package.

Dial Your 0870 Number

If you want to make an international call simply dial any of the following numbers: 0870 498 2222, 0870 498 5050, 0870 498 1212, 0870 498 1111.

Enter the International Number

After dialing your 0870 number, follow the prompts to enter the international number you wish to call.

Enjoy Your Free Call

Your international call will be connected, and you can converse with your contact for as long as you like without incurring international calling charges.

Why Opt for Call4Free for Free International Calls?

Call4Free offers an ideal solution to tackle the common challenges associated with international calling. Here are several compelling reasons to consider Call4Free for your free international calls from the United Kingdom:

No Internet Required

Traditional apps often tie you to the unpredictability of Wi-Fi or data, potentially resulting in data charges and connection problems. 

However, with Call4Free, you’re liberated from these constraints. This ensures crystal-clear international calls without the burden of data expenses or interruptions in connectivity.

No Account Necessary

With Call4Free, there’s no need to go through the hassle of creating or signing up for an account. 

Enhanced Privacy

In today’s digital landscape, privacy is of utmost importance. While many apps grapple with vulnerabilities like data breaches, hacking, and phishing, Call4Free remains steadfast with robust security measures in place.


In a world where change is constant, your mobile plan should be adaptable to your evolving needs. 

Call4Free’s 30-day SIM-only plans offer the ideal solution, allowing you to enjoy the flexibility of a contract-free plan while tailoring your mobile services to your liking.

Global Reach

While other apps do facilitate global connections, the quality of calls often hinges on the stability of the internet, and both parties usually need the same app for free calls.

Call4Free offers an extensive list of countries to make free international calls. It includes popular destinations like the United States, Canada, India, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and many European countries.


There are no constant or fixed calling rates for 0870 numbers in the UK. It basically varies from the service and access charges of the providers(cellular or landline). 

If you’re a frequent caller, try the cheap calling options from Call4Free. Use their free international service via 0870 numbers to connect globally without high charges.

Furthermore, Call4Free’s 30-day SIM-only plan can be an ideal solution for you. It allows you to enjoy the flexibility of a contract-free plan while tailoring your mobile services to your liking.

Stay on the bright side with Call4Free while calling your loved ones abroad.

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