Top 10 Countries You Can Call for Free with Call4Free

Free Destinaions

Ever wished staying connected across borders was as easy as catching up with your neighbor? Well, guess what? With Call4Free, it is! We’re spilling the beans on the coolest part of our service – the top 10 countries where you can chat away without seeing your phone bill skyrocket.

From the bustling streets of India to the cozy corners of New Zealand, we’re taking you on a journey through the places you can reach for free with Call4Free. Here are the top 10 countries where you can make free calls with Call4Free:

Most Popular Destinations

1. India

India, a land of diverse cultures, is now just a call away. With Call4Free, you can connect with family and friends in India without worrying about the cost.

2. Bangladesh

Bridge the gap between borders and talk to your loved ones in Bangladesh with Call4Free’s free international calling services.

3. Pakistan

Whether it’s a quick catch-up or a heartfelt conversation, stay connected with your contacts in Pakistan without the fear of exorbitant call charges.

4. Nigeria

From Lagos to Abuja, and everywhere in between, Call4Free enables you to maintain close ties with your friends and family in Nigeria at no additional cost.

5. USA

Connect with friends and family in the land of opportunities, the USA, without breaking the bank. Call4Free makes it easy and affordable.

6. Canada

Whether it’s the beautiful landscapes or the warmth of your Canadian connections, keep in touch without worrying about international calling fees.

7. Poland

Experience the charm of Poland through the voices of your loved ones. Call4Free lets you make free calls to and from this European gem.

8. Romania

Make your conversations with friends and family in Romania richer and more frequent with Call4Free’s free international calling services.

9. New Zealand

From the North Island to the South Island, bridge the distance and communicate with your contacts in New Zealand effortlessly with Call4Free.

10. Thailand

Enjoy the tropical vibes of Thailand through the voices of your friends and family. Call4Free ensures you can make free international calls to and from this exotic destination.

How Call4Free Works?

Call4Free leverages the inclusive minutes offered by numerous landline providers and selected mobile operators in the United Kingdom. We allow you to make international calls by dialing our dedicated 0870 numbers from your landline or mobile device. What sets us apart? Utilizing our 0870 numbers makes you eligible for cashback, potentially up to £30, contingent on your usage.

Connecting with Call4Free is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Dial Our Dedicated Numbers:

    Choose any of our convenient access numbers: 0870 498 2222, 0870 498 5050, 0870, 498 1212, 0870 498 1111

  2. Enter Your Destination Number:

    Following the voice prompt, dial 00 and then the full international number, incorporating the country code (00+country code + destination number). You’ve successfully reached your loved ones!


At Call4Free, we believe in keeping people connected, regardless of geographical boundaries. Our commitment to providing free international calling services empowers you to nurture relationships, share moments, and stay connected with your global network.

Ready to experience the freedom of staying connected without worrying about call charges? Try Call4Free today and make every conversation count.

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